Tuesday, 22 November 2016

It's all in your DNA!

Tonight we have enjoyed a really 'WOW' genetics session with three scientists from the University. Professor Holloway and Doctor Hollis talked us through the 'codebook' that is DNA. They also introduced us to James who works in a laboratory at the University.

Firstly, using soap and alcohol, we extracted the DNA from a strawberry! We were amazed by just how much DNA we could see! Next, we chewed our cheeks in order to burst cells and release our DNA. With a swig and swill of water, we collected our burst cells and added soap and alcohol. We then extracted our DNA using a pipette and placed it into a DNA necklace. By adding stain, we were able to see small strands of our own DNA- this is what makes you you!!!

We are so very lucky to be able to have this experience. There are not many people in the world who are able to see they have actually seen their DNA. We are so grateful to John, Veronica and James for coming to lead this session. We were also very pleased to be able to welcome back two ex-pupils, Alice May and Claire Holloway, who came to lend a hand. They did so with such confidence, I could have left the club in their capable hands!

What a great session! Next week we are off to Applemore for 'Whizz, Pop, Bang!' in their laboratory. Looking forward to seeing you there!!

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