Tuesday, 17 January 2017

DNA pendants at Science Club

We had a really fabulous Genetics session tonight with Dr Holloway, Dr Hollis and Georgie from Southampton University. The pupils were so engaged at all times- perhaps one of the best groups ever!

We were able to extract DNA from our cheek cells and, with some special solution, see it appear before our eyes in a test-tube! We used some food colouring to stain the DNA and then, using a pipette, transferred it to neck pendant.

So, if you see pupils walking around school with pendants on, ask them what they are! Hopefully they will amaze you with talk of cells, chromosomes and genetics!

Well done Science clubbers! Looking forward to some chemistry at Noadswood next week!

A special thanks must go to three Noadswood pupils who gave up their time to come and support our session : John Holloway (Year 10), Claire Holloway (Year 8) and Alice May (Year 7). They were all incredibly helpful young leaders and a credit to Noadswood. Thank you!