Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Good vibrations with Fiona Western.

We have had a great time exploring sound with Fiona tonight. We made rice dance, tested out our sense of hearing and had fun making coat hanger vibration detectors.  Many thanks to Fiona for organising such a hands on session.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Dentist returns!

Once again, Chris May joined us at Science Club  to talk about teeth and dentistry. This time he demonstrated how to use disclosing tablet to identify where we need to focus our brushing. Cameron,  a very willing volunteer,  was silenced as he crunched a pink disclosing tablet,  brushed for 2 minutes and then looked to see which areas were still pink. His upper molars were still pink showing Cameron that he is missing removing plaque from these teeth.

The group asked lots of great questions, including ' what is the most disgusting surgery you've done? ' We heard about infections,  jaws getting stuck and how to drain pus. Lovely!

We are so grateful to Chris for giving us some of his very valuable time. See you again soon!