Thursday, 27 November 2014

Extracting DNA with Prof.Holloway, Dr Holloway and Dr Hollis

 Today we had an absolutely fantastic time at Science Club with three scientists from Southampton University- Professor John Holloway, Dr Jude Holloway and Dr Veronica Hollis. All three talked about what had fascinated them at Primary school and why they ended up as scientists. Most pupils had never met a Professor before and were surprised that Prof. John looked quite normal!
Jude clearly explained to us how our DNA is like an instruction book, making us the way were are with a range of different features and characteristics. We then actually saw DNA for the first time by extracting it from mushed up strawberries! After adding a soapy mixture and ethanol, the strawberry DNA solidified and rose the the surface. Awesome!But there was more to come...
We then were all instructed to chew on our cheeks for 30 seconds and spit into a tube of water. We then added soapy liquid and ethanol and waited for strands of DNA to appear. By adding a few drops of red or green dye, the DNA from the nuclei of our cheek cells was very clear to see. We then carefully placed some of our DNA into a keepsake necklace. Absolutely amazing!
We all went away with necklaces, a sheet explaining what we had been doing and a DNA tattoo. Massive thanks to John, Jude, Veronica and John Holloway junior for leading such an amazing session! Mr Parker and Mr Hastings also came to join in the fun. Look out for their DNA necklaces, worn with pride! Let's just hope they don't clone themselves, eh?! 


  1. Thank you for the amazing session. I loved making the DNA necklace!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Claire. Looking forward to our trip to Noadswood already!